How Trello Gets things Done

Actually it makes you do it.

Trello is a horizontal tasklist inspired by Japanese principles of Kanban. The key philosophy behind Trello is take task to outcome, by breaking it into different progress gates and using visual cues to remind acting on them.

Lets take an example to understand how it works :

Applying for a Passport is a complex process which starts from filling the form, submitting it with all the documentation, waiting for verifications and finally hoping it will get made and delivered. If you are the one who carries a good habit of keeping checklists you would normally mark the activity as done once you have submitted the forms to passport office. Only to realize one fine morning that the passport has not been delivered.

So essentially, You marked the checklist completed when the sub process was done, forgetting the real outcome for which you originally created the checklist item, which in this case was to get the passport and not submit documents.

If you had used trello for the same, Rather than marking the activity as done, You would have simply moved the activity card from “To Do” column to “In Progress/Doing” column The Get Passport activity card would have been only moved to “Done” Column once you had passports in your hand.

Trello gets things done as it reinforces the following simple principles

  1. Things are only done once the end outcome is achieved, Process completion might not guarantee outcome and there might be multiple followups required to achieve the outcome
  2. Visual cues are better Reinforcements to make things happen, Visual cues ensure that what is not started will get started and what is started will get completed

Technologically Trello is an application which can be accessed from virtually any device with internet connectivity, You can always create your first list on a computer and later keep updating it from a mobile application.

I have been using Trello since April 2013, A tremendous productivity booster tool, It has also helped me successfully closing some of long pending items on my wish list.

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