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What is a Good Salary in Dubai for a Software Engineer?

As I help companies in optimizing IT costs, I’m also asked about salary benchmarks for different careers in UAE.

Here’s 2021 Salary Guide for Tech Roles in Large Companies, reported in The National News compiled by Robert HalfCooper Fitch and Michael Pagethenationalnews.com

In my analysis, while there is a decreased supply of jobs in the UAE, the top 3 companies across key sectors are still investing in the best talent to ramp up digital transformation programs.

The practice is similarly distributed through both customer facing and back office departments, with front office staff, such as CX/Sales/Marketing, recruiting for skills that leverage technologies to sell more, and back office functions, such as Accounting, Human Resources, and Administration, hiring for skills that help them minimize operating costs.

Here’s the link to Linkedin Job page of Top Retail Companies in UAE hiring Digital Skills –

  1. Chalhoub Group : www.linkedin.com/company/chalhoub-group/jobs
  2. Al Futtaim : www.linkedin.com/company/al-futtaim/jobs
  3. Majid Al Futtaim : www.linkedin.com/company/majid-al-futtaim/jobs
  4. Landmark Group : www.linkedin.com/company/landmark-group/jobs

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