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Photo of IT cost reduction expert Abhinav MittalKNOW HOW I REDUCE IT COST

With 15 years in saving 50 Million in IT Cost & Delivering 10X ROI on IT Investments for global multi-billion dollar companies, I am a published author and Independent IT productivity coach & Tech Sourcing Advisor,helping companies reduce wasteful IT cost.


PERFORM ZERO-BASED IT BUDGETING  – ZBB (Zero Based budgeting is a great way to reduce IT Cost), What was purchased last year may not be required this year in the same quantities. Performing zero-based budgeting will halt all non-relevant IT spending.

CANCEL MAINTENANCE ON SOFTWARE NOT USED – At the time of implementation of new software, additional modules and quantities are purchased on the assumption of future user growth. After go-live, some functionalities may not be deployed or used at all.  Save cost by renegotiating or stop paying for maintenance on software licenses/ modules that will never be used.

I offer unbiased and practical advice to individuals and companies for reducing IT Cost & securing funding for digital transformation initiatives. My actionable advice can help your company improve profitability and you become SMART, GAIN Credibility & WIN Trust of Board, Investors, CEOs, CFOs & CIOs.

I help companies cut IT spending by negotiating IT Contracts better, applying the best practices in IT Budget Management, IT Demand Management, IT Planning, IT Sourcing, IT Governance, IT Portfolio Management and IT Project Management. Over many years I have saved millions of dollars in IT cost for clients I have worked for.

I also work with Technology Services providers in writing winning proposals by crafting unique story lines which demonstrate enhanced business value of service provider’s offering , thereby helping service provider’s clients unlock business value, gain trust, thus improving service providers win rates during the proposal submission or bid defense. My efforts have helped service providers develop new revenue sources and generated 1.08 % incremental revenue

Having first-hand experience of working directly with top executives and board members of large professional and family-run businesses, I have successfully Program Managed IT transformation programs with business consultants from Mckinsey, Bain, and Ernst and Young. An MBA gold medalist, I am certified in COBIT, ITIL and 6 Sigma, and hold the leadership certification from Harvard Business School.

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