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I’ve helped my clients across various industries optimize over USD 100MN in IT spending


Negotiating complex contracts, scope, price, volume of externally soured technology services

Implementing of ROI driven Technology Demand Management and Benefits Realization program

Implementing Zero based budgeting (ZBB) & business aligned reforecasting of IT budget vs actuals

Advising large IT outsourcing project to offshore technology implementation & support services

Consolidating multiple vendors to single vendor thus receiving volume discounts and better services

Automating of high volume – low value activities for finance, HR, IT shared services through RPA (Robotics Process Automation)

Improving monitoring & productivity of existing technology assets (Hardware, Software, Staff)

Strengthening IT governance to avoid costly surprises from change requests and audit penalties

100% reduction in software maintenance cost by stopping support for over customized software

60% reduction in the cost of shared services by implementing robotic process automation to deliver high volume and low value work business activities

40% reduction in IT Application Development and support Spend by relocating low value services to offshore locations

33% reduction in cloud computing cost by resizing, turning off, tagging virtual machines

18% reduction in telecommunications cost by reviewing utilizations and negotiating multiyear agreements

10% reduction in IT management overheads by flattening the pyramid

25% Budget Savings through negotiation of scope and prices for various technology services -Professional services, Cloud Credits, Software subscriptions, End user devices & Infrastructure

7% Reduction in the demand for new user licenses by applying activity-based IT chargebacks

Avoided USD 5MN cash outflow in possible software non-compliance fines

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