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Read what makes me IT Cost Reduction Expert

Photo of Abhinav Mittal IT cost reduction expert

Having saved 50 Million (5-15%) in IT spending for Multi-Billion Dollar companies I have worked with, and after writing two books with over 200 effectively proven ideas to reduce IT Cost, I am an IT Cost Reduction Expert and an IT Productivity Coach.


As an Independent adviser to Boards, CEOs, CFOs and CIOs, I help companies understand how much, what and why of IT expenses thus, enabling business leaders in cutting wasteful IT expenditure form their Opex and Capex cost.


An MBA gold medalist, with 15 years of experience in driving IT Financial Management, IT Strategy and Governance for Global multi-billion dollar companies, I am experienced in managing IT transformation programs with consulting teams from Mckinsey, Bain, and Ernst and Young. I am certified in COBIT, ITIL, Software Licencing and 6 Sigma, and hold the leadership certification from Harvard Business School.


Click on whatsapp logo  and start a private conversation with me right now to know how your company can also save Millions in IT Cost. Use my proven IT Cost Reduction Strategies for your IT cost containment.


Cloud Computing Cost Reduction Book

IT Cost Reduction Ideas Book

IT Outsourcing Advisory Service
Prepare business case, select service provider, negotiate, contract & transition IT services
IT Cost reduction program
Assessment of your current IT costs in line with Industry best practices
IT Expense Audit & Cost Benchmarking
Confidential assessment of your IT project costs to determine any fraudulent practices
IT Contracts Negotiation
Get maximum value & avoid risks in IT contracts
Technology Vendor Replacement
Customized negotiation service which will help you save money on IT contracts
Zero Based IT Budget preparation
Coaching program for your Finance or IT teams to prepare a trustworthy IT budget
IT Services Catalog & pricing preparation
Coaching program for your IT team to articulate IT services in language which business understands, considers valuable and is willing to pay
IT Cost Allocation & Chargeback Preparation
Accounting model which helps you recover the cost of providing IT services to business teams
IT Investments Business case preparation
Ascertain true & full Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of planned IT projects
IT Governance function establishment
Establish the policy, process & ways of working for Enterprise IT governance, which will enable Benefits realization, risk mitigation & resource optimization of IT investments
IT Strategy preparation & Review
Articulate IT strategy in language which business understands, considers valuable and is willing to commit to.
IT Performance Benchmarking
Review your current IT metrics & performance reporting to help you communicate value delivered to business in an easy format
Software Asset Management
Enable business to manage risks & avoid hefty software non-compliance penalties
IT Demand Governance
Establish the policy, process, forms & ways of working for preparation & approval of business cases, before major IT investments are undertaken
IT Services Providers – Bid Defense Preparation
Exclusive service for technology services providers & start-ups, enabling them to create winning proposals and agreements
IT Services Providers - Defining Value proposition
Exclusive service for technology services providers & start-ups, enabling them to create a high-quality value proposition / pitch deck for their prospective customers & investors
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