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Establish Software Asset Management discipline

What is this?

A coaching service to establish the policy, process and ways of working for Software Asset Management (SAM), which will enable business to manage risks and avoid hefty software non-compliance penalties.

How will it work?

  • I will engage with you to understand current investments in Software’s, PC and server landscape, current licence tracking processes, sourcing procedures.
  • Post which I will share a draft policy, technology controls, and processes in line with your organization context.
  • Based on further inputs, I will refine the Software Asset Management Policy and process for you to drive Software licence compliance in your company.
  • If required I can also assist in program managing implementation of SAM tool which would involve client deployments, licence validation and upload and tracking compliance.

What will you gain?

  • Regular visibility into your licence compliance position for various software
  • Better ability to negotiate with your software vendors based on actual users of software
  • Trust with business teams as they will not be surprised with unplanned fines due to non-compliance
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