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Last week my cousin asked me if could help him on understanding “Calculus”.  The first reaction was “Ya” that would be easy .  However soon the realization set in that it has been years since I wrote my last calculus exam  and teaching something that I have forgotten would require some hard work on the sleeping grey cells ..

So the first reaction was log in youtube for a quick refresher . However the volume of videos available was too much to handle . All I had was 30 minutes to get “Calculus ready” and while there was tons of information available  . I just did not know which one to use in such a short time .

This is when  - Aka “KA” came to rescue .

Developed by “SAL” or Mr.Salman Khan an Alumnus of MIT and Harvard .  Khan Academy hosts 2400 videos on diverse topics such as  Mathematics , Chemistry , Physics , History , Astronomy , Computer Science ,  Finance and  Economics . What I most liked about the site was the videos educating IIT / GMAT / SAT .

To break the monotony of the educational material , The site also has a special section on “Brain Teasers”  . There are  9 teasers currently listed .  These all are addictive and can take easily take 5- 30 minutes each .  I tried the famous  Liar Truthteller Brain Teaser . Cracked it in 15 min .  A decent performance to say .

If you create your profile , then you can actually see the time spend by you studying . For every minute you spend you earn 100 energy points . As you pass tests and achieve proficiency in the subjects , you earn different batches for the well deserved hard work .

Khan academy is the one of the best sites I have seen after MIT made OCW . While OCW has it’s merits the live videos of Khan Academy makes learning much more pleasure . “KA” made me rekindle those grey cells and conquer the fear of those subjects i hated most .

If you are still not convinced then see it yourself the new era of online education at

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