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IT Chargeback modelling

What is this

A fair and accepted accounting model which helps you recover the cost of providing IT services to business teams

How will it work

  • Submit your General Ledger dump of IT cost centre to me
  • I will analyse your current IT spends and have a discussion with you and your finance team, to get more understanding of how costs are identified and booked in the IT cost centre
  • I will then propose various drivers to your IT team on allocating usage volumes for various IT services
  • Post which I will share your company specific IT chargeback model and train your teams on how to use the same for monthly IT cost allocation

What will you gain

  • Control of IT budget vs actual spending as unqualified IT spending from business will now get identified and directly charged to business teams
  • Lower pressures to reduce IT cost as business themselves will be able to take decision on which IT services to keep


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